Support us at Cluj Swimathon – July 5th

Support our team of swimmers for the project Alianța Faptelor Bune din Pata Rât (Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat)!

On July 5th, we participate in Swimathon Cluj with the project Alianța Faptelor Bune din Pata Rât (Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat): 8 swimmers will give their best for YOU to donate! They are: Ilinca Toderean, Tudor Sbârcea, Ioana Sanpetrean, Laura Alicu, Daniel Stan, Andreea Mandiuc, Oana Baldasici and Adrian Colceriu.

Simmers team for Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat

Simmers team for Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat

You can register as a supporter for our project on Swimathon website following these two steps:

• Create a profile on the platform here;

• Registration supporters here.


You can directly pay for the project through the following methods:

  • on-line by accessing the link: , mentioning “Contribution to the swimmer / team Alianța Faptelor Bune din Pata Rât”
  • in cash at Cluj Community Foundation (Str. hen 6/2) or the day of the event
  • POS payment device BT – available at Cluj Community Foundation office (Hen 6/2), or the day of the event, the option you wish to make card payments;
  • Payment by Direct Debit – a form of repetitive and constant donation, the donor agrees to pay a fixed monthly sum of money, by automatic debit account at a predetermined date, a time, with the ability to be interrupted at any time, at the request of the donor.
  • By bank: cash or Op; IBAN RO95 0130 1205 J303 BTRL 07XX, Banca Transilvania, Cluj – Napoca, mentioning the OP ‘contribution to the project swimmer / team … “


Amount we need: 7 000 RON / 1 556 EUR



As you know, we have been going to Pata Rat since 2012 and work with children on the landfill of Cluj, and since 2014 we have included the children of the colony Colina Verde in non-formal education activities. Every Saturday we are present with them, by playing games for learning social skills and moral conduct and using non-formal education (forum theatre, photo voice, dance, english learning lessons, sports).


Who are they:

– Children who were born or have migrated to the landfill on the outskirts of Cluj and living inimprovised cottages, in miserable conditions, without water and electricity

– Children abusively evacuated from the city, along with their families by the City Hall of Cluj, in December 2010, near the landfill

Who we are:

– A team of dedicated volunteers: social workers, psychologists, sociologists, IT-ists and other civic-minded people who are involved in non-formal community members in Pata Rat

Why this project:

– Because change is in each of us, and we believe it can bring value to the community


Beneficiaries: 300 children (2-17 years)


What we propose for the following six months the Swimathon Cluj (05 July) – we raise funds for:

– To continue the work started and develop the relationship that we have built already with small

– 5 Practical thematic workshops (sculpture, painting, expression through art) at the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj (Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia)

– 23 Saturdays with non-formal education activities

– 6 Saturdays with extended hours of practical workshops: forum theater, speech, dance, photo voice, itinerant theater, therapeutic storytelling

– 2 Saturdays in Theatre Puck (children theatre)

– 3 Saturdays at Cinema Victoria

– children’s participation in the Stories Festival at the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj


All these activities are voluntary. We need volunteers and support for the transport of children, children’s access to shops in town, and supplies needed in working with them.


GET INVOLVED NOW! Support, donate, send information to others!


Team of volunteers: Laura Alicu, Catalina Poiana, Ramona Ivanus Ilinca Toderean Alexander Ciobotea, Dan Badea, Rebeka Rotter, Alexandra Mucea, Cadar Andrea, Valentina Sava, Cathy, Alexandra, Letitia Nadasan Ioana Sanpetrean, Jesica Baciu, Dora Ghecenco, Alexander Molnar, Rossen Antonov, Cristina Poenaru, Greta Claudia Nicoleta Cristea, Daniel Stan, Andreea Mandiuc, Oana Baldasici Adrian Colceriu.

Photo: Paula Boarta

Design poster: Ana Olanescu

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