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EVS in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – “Europe: Experience Your Life”


Project description

Dates: 01  September 2017 – 31 May 2018

Our project Europe: Experience your life! is about using non-formal methods in youth work, like photo-voice, sensorial labyrinth theatre, theatre of the oppressed and different type of games. The volunteers will work with 3 different beneficiaries (kids from 2 schools, kids from roma communities in Cluj Napoca – there is a roma community here living on the garbage dump-  and Blaj, a nearby city). Also, this project involves work with children that live in a center for abused women.


We would prefer a male volunteer for this project , due to the fact that the children we work with need to have a male role model also, but this is not a compulsory criterion.  Experience in working with children is welcomed, but not mandatory. But it is really important to be aware that the project requires working with Roma children and youngsters living on the garbage dump so this means that the work  environment might be challenging or even difficult.

So, we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and:

  • Supporter of non-formal education principles and benefits;
  • Motivated and interested in working with children and youngsters from underprivileged environments
  • Tolerant and respectful
  • Flexible, open minded, creative, yet caring and reliable
  • Able to communicate in English


Practical information:

Working and living conditions: Accommodation and allowance following EVS funding rules will be provided. The volunteers will live in a rented flat, equipped with all utilities.

Cluj-Napoca, as capital of historical region Transylvania, is one of the most visited cities in Romania. The city is very pleasant, and it is certainly a great experience for those who want to live for a period of time in Transylvania. Along with excellent cultural activities, a wonderful historical legacy and a great atmosphere, the city will certainly not disappoint those who add it to their travel itinerary. It is an university city with students from all over the world.


Roma Survivors of Deportations to Transnistria

P1020389Roma Survivors of Deportations to Transnistria – Social Services, Combating Inequality, Promoting Tolerance and Multicultural Understanding

Project implemented by the Community Resource Center

– University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Sciences
– National School of Administrative and Political Sciences
– Association of Romanian Jews Victims of the Holocaust
– Porojan Association

Project funded by the NGO Fund in Romania, Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.

Operator: Foundation for the Development of Civil Society (FDSC)

The project provides specialized assistance for approximatively 100 survivors of the deportations to Transnistria to receive their rights granted by:
– Law 189/2000 (Government Ordinance for establishing rights for victims of the oppressive regimes in Romania from 6 September 1940 to 6 March 1945 on ethnic grounds: monthly alimony, medical care and medical supplies, free transportation, spa and wellness treatments, tax exemption for radio, tv and telephone, free resting place.
– Ghettorentengesetz: monthly alimony given by the German state for those who worked in Nazi ghettos and concentration camps.

The project also includes creating an audio-video archive with interviews of the survivors, to be used for educational purposes (to raise awareness of the suffering endured by the deported Roma, thereby promoting tolerance towards them in general).

Project manager: Petre Matei
Assistant project manager: Irina Nastasă-Matei
Volunteers: Laura Alicu, Teodora Maria Daghie, Mihai Leaha, Alexandra Popescu, Ioana Corujan, Ion Gnatiuc, Andrei Crișan
Experts: Emanuela Ignăţoiu-Sora, George Valentin Roman, Arinda Crăciun, Anca Dohotariu, Brînduşa Nicolaescu, Dinu Guţu
Accountant: Maria Prodănel

sensory-shaped transformative theatre workshop


sensory-shaped transformative theatre workshop
with deidré denise matthee and radu ionescu, bird-shaped heart theatre
organized by Centrul de Resurse pentru Comunitate –

workshop language: english (with romanian translation)
register here:
contact: or 0723 175 457

early bird, registration until july 25: 130 lei // 100 lei discounted price*
registration 26-31 july: 150 lei // 120 lei discounted price*
*discounted price for students and members of NGOs

august 1 – 18:00-21:00
august 2 – 12:00-19:00
august 3 – 12:00-19:00

Sensory-Shaped Transformative Theatre (STT) is a new instrument for personal and social change, and a revitalizing strategy for community-building. Furthermore, STT crucially asserts and recognizes the body as site for memory, imagination and power. Rooted in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and Iwan Brioc’s Sensory Labyrinth Theatre (SLT), it is a participatory theatre process that takes a group of people through a journey of transformation, moving from their biggest fears to their wildest dreams and desires. Drawing on Boal’s method, in particular Image Theatre and Rainbow of Desire, participants’ fears and desires are explored, and the characters that these represent are given shape and voice. A sensory experience is created by and for the participants, based on their evolution from what they least want to be to what they most want to be.

Deidré Denise Matthee is a South African creative facilitator, performer, storyteller and psychologist. Particularly enthused by the emancipatory and transformative potential of performance, she has extensively applied TO in her work in the field of community arts, both in South Africa and in Portugal Her current and on-going interest is in immersive and site-specific approaches, inspired by her participation in the Context-oriented and Sensory Labyrinth theatre projects of The Republic of the Imagination. She is the founder of GATA (Group for Activism and Transformation through Art) and a founding member of bird-shaped heart theatre.

Radu Ionescu is a Romanian Theatre of the Oppressed joker, practitioner of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre, and founding member of bird-shaped heart theatre. He has practiced TO in Romania and Argentina, and is currently training in TO with Barbara Santos at Kuringa Berlin. He has participated in and helped create SLT performances in Serbia, Romania, Argentina, Portugal, Wales and Italy. As part of The Republic of the Imagination, he is now working on the production The Conference of the Birds, which uses different modes of theatre – classical, participative and SLT – to engage different kinds of consciousness.

Support us at Cluj Swimathon – July 5th

Support our team of swimmers for the project Alianța Faptelor Bune din Pata Rât (Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat)!

On July 5th, we participate in Swimathon Cluj with the project Alianța Faptelor Bune din Pata Rât (Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat): 8 swimmers will give their best for YOU to donate! They are: Ilinca Toderean, Tudor Sbârcea, Ioana Sanpetrean, Laura Alicu, Daniel Stan, Andreea Mandiuc, Oana Baldasici and Adrian Colceriu.

Simmers team for Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat

Simmers team for Alliance for Good Deeds in Pata Rat

You can register as a supporter for our project on Swimathon website following these two steps:

• Create a profile on the platform here;

• Registration supporters here.


You can directly pay for the project through the following methods:

  • on-line by accessing the link: , mentioning “Contribution to the swimmer / team Alianța Faptelor Bune din Pata Rât”
  • in cash at Cluj Community Foundation (Str. hen 6/2) or the day of the event
  • POS payment device BT – available at Cluj Community Foundation office (Hen 6/2), or the day of the event, the option you wish to make card payments;
  • Payment by Direct Debit – a form of repetitive and constant donation, the donor agrees to pay a fixed monthly sum of money, by automatic debit account at a predetermined date, a time, with the ability to be interrupted at any time, at the request of the donor.
  • By bank: cash or Op; IBAN RO95 0130 1205 J303 BTRL 07XX, Banca Transilvania, Cluj – Napoca, mentioning the OP ‘contribution to the project swimmer / team … “


Amount we need: 7 000 RON / 1 556 EUR



As you know, we have been going to Pata Rat since 2012 and work with children on the landfill of Cluj, and since 2014 we have included the children of the colony Colina Verde in non-formal education activities. Every Saturday we are present with them, by playing games for learning social skills and moral conduct and using non-formal education (forum theatre, photo voice, dance, english learning lessons, sports).


Who are they:

– Children who were born or have migrated to the landfill on the outskirts of Cluj and living inimprovised cottages, in miserable conditions, without water and electricity

– Children abusively evacuated from the city, along with their families by the City Hall of Cluj, in December 2010, near the landfill

Who we are:

– A team of dedicated volunteers: social workers, psychologists, sociologists, IT-ists and other civic-minded people who are involved in non-formal community members in Pata Rat

Why this project:

– Because change is in each of us, and we believe it can bring value to the community


Beneficiaries: 300 children (2-17 years)


What we propose for the following six months the Swimathon Cluj (05 July) – we raise funds for:

– To continue the work started and develop the relationship that we have built already with small

– 5 Practical thematic workshops (sculpture, painting, expression through art) at the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj (Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia)

– 23 Saturdays with non-formal education activities

– 6 Saturdays with extended hours of practical workshops: forum theater, speech, dance, photo voice, itinerant theater, therapeutic storytelling

– 2 Saturdays in Theatre Puck (children theatre)

– 3 Saturdays at Cinema Victoria

– children’s participation in the Stories Festival at the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj


All these activities are voluntary. We need volunteers and support for the transport of children, children’s access to shops in town, and supplies needed in working with them.


GET INVOLVED NOW! Support, donate, send information to others!


Team of volunteers: Laura Alicu, Catalina Poiana, Ramona Ivanus Ilinca Toderean Alexander Ciobotea, Dan Badea, Rebeka Rotter, Alexandra Mucea, Cadar Andrea, Valentina Sava, Cathy, Alexandra, Letitia Nadasan Ioana Sanpetrean, Jesica Baciu, Dora Ghecenco, Alexander Molnar, Rossen Antonov, Cristina Poenaru, Greta Claudia Nicoleta Cristea, Daniel Stan, Andreea Mandiuc, Oana Baldasici Adrian Colceriu.

Photo: Paula Boarta

Design poster: Ana Olanescu

Alliance of Good Deeds for Pata Rat (Cluj landfill)

pata rat crc clujThe problem

The project is addressed to two communities that live on and around the waste dump of Cluj-Napoca. The community Colina Verde consists of 76 families that were evicted from their houses and moved near the waste dump by the city hall. The other community consists of 80 families that were born on the waste dump, or migrated there from other places.

More than 200 children have to grow up in harsh conditions on the dump, where they lack even the most basic living conditions. They live in tents and improvised houses with no water and electricity. Most of the children are uneducated and find it difficult to adapt to adequate social situations. The cause of this derives not only from their difficult living conditions, but also from their lack of interaction with the children and adults from the urban area. They live in isolation, without access to the ways and means to properly develop themselves. Moreover, they lack a proper and constructive way of spending their free time. All these problems coupled with limited social abilities and a feeling of uselessness lead to a deeper sense of exclusion.


Target group


–          70 children from two communities aged between 7 and 14.


–          The community from Colina Verde

–          The community from the Pata Rat waste dump

–          The volunteers involved in the project

Total: 300 children




–          To continue the activities started by the group of volunteers from the project of the Centrul de Resurse pentru Comunitate (CRC) and ALIAT Association, started one and a half year ago. Our current funds are only enough to cover these activities until August 2014. For more details see the links below

–          To organize a one week summer camp, including five thematic workshops at Muzeul Etnografic Cluj.

–          To implement non-formal activities focused on improving the children’s social skills and building their confidence.

–          To organize workshops designed to enhance the children’s creativity. These include forum theatre, expression through dance, photo voice, itinerant theatre and therapeutic storytelling.

–          To organize visits to the theatre, cinema and a festival in order to offer them the opportunity for a unique kind of learning.




To continue the project, we need a total of 14.400 lei, which includes the following costs: expenses related to the transport of the children and the volunteers; access to the workshops, movies, theaters and festivals; materials needed for the activities; and additional expenses related to logistics.

We hope to receive 7.000 lei through the sponsorship of our swimmers at Swimathon. We aim to have a group of a minimum of 5 swimmers and 10 volunteers. The minimum amount of money that can be donated by sponsors is 15 lei.


Expected results


We expect to have a direct impact on the lives of the children from the two communities by engaging them in the activities included in the project. The non-formal activities are aimed to change the children’s attitudes towards a better understanding and acceptance of personal diversity. The children will develop assertive communication and cooperation skills. The different activities and games will encourage them to change their opinions about how the world sees them and what role they have to play in it: they will hopefully no longer feel unwanted and useless. They will learn to abandon their role as victims and the idea that they are condemned to live out their current condition.


Contact details


Centrul de Resurse pentru Comunitate (CRC)


Phone:  072 31 75 457




C.A.R.E. trough volunteering – Close, aware, responsible, engaged together


C.A.R.E  through volunteering  – close, aware, responsible, engaged together was conceived as a seven days training course aiming at bringing together 28 youngsters who are either actively involved in voluntary work, or who are willing to start their voluntary  activities, especially in the field of fighting against discrimination of any kind. Continue reading “C.A.R.E. trough volunteering – Close, aware, responsible, engaged together” »